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How to Stay Safe This Summer

Now that summer is finally here, it seems like the perfect time to sit back and take it easy, but make sure you do not relax your alertness. Unfortunately, summer comes with seasonal threats. However, with a thoughtful approach to warm-weather activities and a preparation plan that takes into account the need to be ready to react to possible emergencies, all the summer fun you have planned this year can go without injury. Prepare yourself and your loved ones for a safe summer season by learning some of the most common dangers associated with summer.

How Can Heat and the Sun be Dangerous?

Outdoor activities can be fun, but you should be mindful that warm weather can be hazardous:

Sunburn: Limit your skin’s exposure with protective clothing, like long sleeves and hats. When your skin is in the sun, use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 50.

Heat stroke: Intense heat can cause major problems, especially for people physically exerting themselves at work or play. To prevent heat stroke or heat-related injury, take frequent breaks to cool off and stay hydrated.

What About Summer Bugs?

Enjoying the great outdoors can lead to bug bites and stings:

Bee stings and spider bites: Bugs and spiders can be a bother, but some can present real danger, especially for people with allergies to bites and stings. People with allergies should keep an epi-pen handy. Even for people who are not allergic, stings from bees and wasps can cause significant pain. Be sure to remove the stinger and use cold compresses to bring down swelling.

Mosquito bites: Mosquitos bites often cause discomfort, but bites can also carry diseases. Avoid mosquitoes by using a repellent, especially at dawn and dusk when these bugs are most active.

Ticks: Ticks carry disease as well. Be mindful of the trouble a tiny tick can cause. If you are planning a hike or some other nature activity, dress in light colors, which makes it easier to spot a tick on yourself. Also, remember to check your skin thoroughly after you return indoors.

How Can You be Safe in the Water?

While in or near water, it is important to be extra cautious:

Swimming: For obvious reasons, spikes in drownings occur in summer. Pools, lakes, and beaches should be properly guarded by responsible adults. Children should never swim alone.

Boating safety: When out fishing, water skiing, or lounging on a boat, occupants should wear a safety vest. Boating accidents increase in summer, so it important to always be safe while on or near a boat.

Have a First Aid Kit Ready

Summer is a great time for enjoying outdoor activities and warm weather. Whether you find yourself doing recreational activities or use your time to tackle home-improvement projects, you should be aware that such things come with certain risks of injury.

Keep a fully stocked first aid kit handy. Your kit should include various size bandages, gauze pads, medical tape, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch cream, ice packs, splint kit, non-latex gloves, tweezers and scissors. Medications to have on hand include pain and fever reducers and an antihistamine. Most importantly, know when to call for help.

In summer, personal injury claims increase due to more people being active outside. Car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slip and fall accidents rise with the warm weather. While participating in summer activities, it is important to always be on alert and remain safe. If you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

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