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Many drivers have driven over the speed limit at some point in their lives. It may seem relatively harmless. However, speeding risks injuring yourself and others. Both the chance of being in an accident and the severity of a crash are increased significantly when traveling above the posted speed limit. In the past two decades, speeding was involved in about one-third of all traffic fatalities. Speeding is a form of aggressive driving and law enforcement officers are on the lookout to stop and ticket speeding drivers to deter the behavior and catch them before they cause a crash. When car accidents occur due to speeding, the result can be catastrophic.  An experienced car accident lawyer in Atlantic City can explain your options and suggest the best course of action after a speeding accident.

Speeding Laws

Police officers issue tickets if a driver is found driving at a speed too fast for conditions. For example, if fog severely limits visibility and rain is pooling along the sides of the road, then driving at the posted speed limit can be too fast to ensure safety. The burden is on the officer to establish if the speed was inappropriate. In the event of a crash, an officer may issue a ticket based on the basic speed law. In this case, someone driving below the speed limit can be issued a ticket. The theory is that if the driver was driving at a safe speed, then the crash would not have occurred.

Consequences of Traffic Violations

New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) tracks speeding violations using a tiered penalty system. Penalties are assessed based on how much the speed limit was exceeded. Points are recorded against a driver and remain on the driver’s record for years. Insurance companies will assess higher insurance premium costs to drivers with points on their record. The points associated with excessive speed are as follows:

  • Up to 14 miles per hour: Two points
  • Between 15 and 29 miles per hour: Four points
  • Between 30 and 39 miles per hour: Five points

Speeding violations can carry penalties that include fines. These are tiered and range from $85.00 to $260.00. These fines will be doubled if the violation occurred in a safe corridor, a construction zone, or a 65 miles per hour area. More serious speeding violations can result in license suspension. Some speeding violations can even result in jail time. Any speeding violation more than 40 miles per hour over the speed limit requires an automatic court appearance.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Car accidents due to speeding can be daunting and cause life-threatening injuries. Injuries can range from cuts and lacerations to brain injuries and even death. Attempting to challenge your case alone can be frustrating and time consuming. You may want to work with an experienced car accident lawyer to improve your chances and spare yourself some time and trouble. A lawyer experienced in defending against speeding accidents understands how devastating the affects can be and will fight to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve for your injuries.

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South Jersey Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Represent Victims Injured in Car Accidents Due to Speeding

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