Paul R. D’Amato and Alexa D’Amato Barrera Selected to Super Lawyers

The D’Amato Law Firm is excited to announce that Paul R. D’Amato and Alexa D’Amato Barrera have been selected to the 2020 New Jersey Super Lawyers list. This prestigious honor is an accomplishment for both Paul and Alexa, as well as the D’Amato Law Firm. Both Paul and Alexa have been recognized as top personal injury attorneys in the South Jersey area. Super Lawyers recognizes lawyers from over 70 practice areas, selected by an intense multi-step process based on peer[…] Read More

Prevent Accidental Poisonings

Most adults are aware of common household substances that pose a risk to younger children. Still, every year, too many children are injured or die from poisons found in their own homes that were not secured or were used improperly. Education about poisonous substances is vital for parents and children. Anyone who has a home that is visited by children or who works in areas that children can access should be aware of these poisons. Children are curious by nature,[…] Read More

Dealing with Aggressive Drivers

According to a study conducted by State Farm and KRC Research, 64 percent of United States drivers faced an aggressive driver at least six times in the past three months. The survey also found that the leading reasons for aggressive driving included being late for work, being stuck in a traffic jam, or facing a lane or road closure. The frequency of these incidents makes aggressive drivers more common on the roads. No matter the excuse, there is never a[…] Read More