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What Is Defensive Driving?

The best way for any motorist to protect themselves is to drive defensively. Defensive driving can help cut down on car accidents and injuries. Defensive driving puts the driver in control of their vehicle to mitigate the dangers posed by other drivers. Defensive drivers obey traffic laws and employ the rules and techniques of safe driving. The following are defensive driving tips: Slow down. A speeding car is hard to control. Speeding also reduces reaction time. Always buckle up. While[…] Read More

How Can I Drive Safely in Inclement Weather?

Most drivers do not stay home from work because of bad weather, nor do they find alternate modes of transportation. The same goes for drivers who have appointments or plans they want to keep. Driving in inclement weather is a part of life for most drivers. Unfortunately, driving in bad weather is dangerous, but unless a state of emergency is declared, there will always be drivers battling the conditions to get where they are going. The Federal Highway Administration reports[…] Read More

What Are Important Back-to-School Safety Tips?

School is starting soon, and families need to prepare not only in terms of academics, but also traffic safety. Early mornings and afternoons will see an increase of people on the roads and sidewalks, which can lead to more hazards. Children are known for being impulsive and full of energy. They may act in ways adults do not anticipate. No matter their age and how they travel to school, it is important to teach them how to commute safely. Pay[…] Read More