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How can You Safely Ride a Motorcycle in the Fall?

Motorcycle riding is an outdoor adventure where the wind whips around the cyclist and any rider aboard. Cooler temperatures can be time to put on the leathers. Autumn’s changing leaves are a canvass of colors, and the feeling of independence abounds. Motorcycles can be and often pose risks to their riders for a variety of reasons. Therefore, how can you safely ride a motorcycle in the fall? Motorcycle safe driving tips in the fall are a little different than at[…] Read More

Why Do Car Accidents Increase in the Fall Months?

Every year with the change of seasons from summer to fall in South Jersey, there is an increase in car accidents. There are solid reasons for this happening. We all need to be careful and drive defensively when we are on the roads and highways of New Jersey. This need certainly increases once the weather gets colder and wetter. If you understand why car accidents happen more often in the fall, you can modify your driving habits to protect against[…] Read More

How can I Drive Safely on a Spare Tire?

There are several important lessons to learn before becoming a safe and responsible driver.  Some of these lessons include getting routine oil changes, checking tire pressures, and changing a tire.  Although many drivers may know how to replace a flat tire, knowing how to drive safely on the tire that replaces it may be more important. Knowing the limits of a spare tire can mean avoiding a car accident. Modern vehicles have drastically improved with safety features, but some concessions[…] Read More