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How Can I Avoid an Accident Over Memorial Day Weekend?

At D’Amato Law Firm, we want our clients, family, friends, and neighbors to be safe while traveling this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Normally, Memorial Day weekend is one of the most traveled holidays, with many people driving to backyard parties and to spend time with family. More traffic increases the risk of being involved in a car accident. This year especially, given the pandemic and restrictions recently being lifted, a significant amount of traffic is predicted over the holiday weekend[…] Read More

How Can Speed Affect Car Accident Liability?

Speeding can make driving much more dangerous. It can increase the risk of a car accident or make the damages from them much more severe. When it comes to filing a lawsuit in a car accident case, speed can also play a role in establishing liability. Drivers and passengers involved in an accident are urged to contact an experienced car accident lawyer for assistance.  How Does Speed Affect a Car Accident? Speeding decreases reaction time and increases the time and[…] Read More

What do Parents Need to Know About Teen Drivers and Car Accidents?

Unfortunately, the road can be a dangerous place. This is especially true for teen drivers. Youth, inexperience, and questionable decision-making are a combination that can often lead to disastrous results for these young drivers. Statistically, car accidents account for nearly 1.25 million deaths in the United States annually, with millions more becoming injured or disabled as a result. These numbers may be frightening, but what is important is to remember both the risks and the actions to take to promote[…] Read More