What if I Slip and Fall at an Airport?

Airports may be some of the busiest places in the world.  With all its moving parts and thousands of people passing through each day, accidents are bound to happen, especially slip and fall accidents.  However, with multiple stores and countless travelers, it may be difficult to determine who is liable should you slip or fall. That is because there is a myriad of causes to a slip and fall accident in an airport, including: Slippery floors Poorly maintained areas Luggage[…] Read More

How Can I Drive Safely around Snowplows?

No one likes to drive in wintery conditions.  Fortunately, we have road crews out salting and snowplows clearing the roadways to make our commutes a bit easier.  However, even while the snowplows are out making the roads safer, we still have to do our part and be careful while driving near them. Unfortunately, a car accident with a snowplow is common, considering the slippery conditions and the sheer size of them.  Snowplows are massive; most weigh up to 30 tons,[…] Read More

What Are Winter Slip and Fall Safety Tips?

It is no secret that we face many challenges when the temperature drops.  Whether you work outside or just a pedestrian, the chances of suffering a slip and fall injury during the winter or fall seasons dramatically increase.     Injuries sustained from a slip and fall accident range from minor to severe, often depending on many different circumstances.  Those with preexisting conditions or the elderly are likely to suffer the more debilitating injuries, but even people who suffer a minor fall[…] Read More