Construction Site Safety

Construction is a high-pressure industry, with employees and administrators dealing with constant deadlines and tight budgets. These factors along with on-site hazards, such as scaffolding, power tools, electrical problems, and bad weather, led to over 5,100 worker deaths in 2017. Construction insiders may be familiar with the Fatal Four, which are the top causes for private sector construction worker fatalities. Reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, these include: Falls Being struck by an object Electrocutions Caught in/between accidents Every[…] Read More

Sea Isle City Deck Collapse Injures Multiple Victims

In Sea Isle City, New Jersey, a deck collapse led to injuries for multiple victims. On Thursday morning, around 1:30 am, the accident occurred when up to 30 individuals occupied an outdoor deck at a private home, and the structure collapsed. Allegedly, the deck was not built properly. Poorly constructed or maintained homes and businesses may be dangerous for visitors and residents to occupy. If the structure contains broken railings or slippery surfaces, among other hazardous conditions, individuals may incur[…] Read More

What are Premises Liability Rules for Pool Injuries?

While a family swimming pool serves as a wonderful site for recreation and social activities, pool owners should know there is a serious downside. Among children, drowning is the second-leading accidental cause of death, but adults are also vulnerable. While drowning is the worst-case scenario, other serious injuries occurring in pools include spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries incurred while diving or chemical burns from pool disinfectants. Near-drowning may result in permanent brain damage. Slip and fall accidents are also[…] Read More