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Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Fog

Driving in heavy fog can be dangerous because it greatly limits your ability to see the road or other vehicles. When foggy conditions are particularly bad, it is best to stay off the road, but that might not always be an option. The National Weather Service reports that fog is a contributing factor in numerous car accidents every year. If you live near a large body of water or in an area with hills or mountains, you might encounter fog[…] Read More

Who Is Typically At Fault for a Left-Turn Accident?

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, left-turn car accidents make up a significant number of all intersection-related crashes. This particular type of accident is known for occurring suddenly. Left-turn crashes frequently lead to serious driver and passenger injuries, including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and lacerations. Although the driver who turns left is typically at fault, this is not always the case. This is why it is critical to consult with a lawyer following a collision that[…] Read More

Can a Foreign Tourist Be Liable for a Car Accident?

Getting into a car accident is bad enough, but what happens when the person who caused the crash is from a foreign country? You can probably guess that the situation will be more complicated, but as with other kinds of accidents, there will be options to consider. You might be able to make an insurance claim when a foreign tourist caused the crash, but it depends upon the circumstances. If that person was driving a rental car that malfunctioned, the[…] Read More