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What Are Some Safety Tips for Bicycling at the Beach?

One of the best ways to see the beach is on a bicycle. Whether exploring Ocean City or cruising the Atlantic City Boardwalk, riding a bike allows you to soak in the sights while getting fresh air and exercise. However, many hazards exist, as many bicyclists are near cars and pedestrians. Following these safety tips will help you enjoy a stress-free summer at the beach. Know the Traffic Laws for Bicyclists It is essential to understand that the same rules[…] Read More

Who Is Liable if Road Debris Causes a Car Accident?

Road debris causes many car accidents every year. If you spend any time traveling, you will see debris lying on the side of the road. When debris is on the roadway and causes someone to crash, who is responsible? Whether you can hold someone, a company, or even a government entity responsible for injuries caused by debris in a road accident depends upon many things. Proving who is responsible for a road debris accident depends on negligence. Negligent actions have[…] Read More

What Should I Do if I Have a Back Injury From a Car Accident?

Suffering a back injury caused by a car accident is a common occurrence. A car crash can cause multiple injuries to one’s back, and many can be severe. Even minor fender benders can cause a catastrophic back injury. If another driver’s negligent actions have injured your back, there are steps that you should do after a car accident that will help your case. Immediately Seek Medical Treatment If you have back pain after a car crash, the sooner you see[…] Read More