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Important Halloween Safety Tips

There are many ways people can celebrate Halloween safely. During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is even more important to be vigilant. Officials in New Jersey and other states are cautioning families, neighborhoods, cities, community groups, and schools to evaluate and modify their Halloween celebrations.

Trick-or-Treat in Family Groups

Some areas are allowing traditional trick-or-treating from house to house. However, families may want to walk around in groups that only include household members. This lowers the likelihood of close contact between non-family members. If a couple of families decide to trick-or-treat together, they should practice social distancing, even when they are outdoors.

Should I Wear a Costume Mask?

Many costumes meant for children and adults include masks. These are not appropriate masks to slow or halt the distribution of bacteria. Instead, all costume masks should be worn over protective face masks. Alternatively, protective face masks may be safely decorated with non-toxic items, such as images, sparkles, and additional fabrics.

How Should I Distribute Candy?

People who participate in handing out candy at their homes should avoid allowing children to pick them from a bowl. One way to limit contact with trick-or-treaters is to spread out individual treats on a long table. Trick-or-treaters can walk up to the table on a porch, in a driveway, or in a well-lit area of a lawn to grab pre-wrapped treats. Some sources ask parents to have their children wait two days to further handle the candy to reduce germ transmission.

Social Distancing at Halloween Events

Families who decide to go to corn mazes, pumpkin festivals, parties, and parades should caution their children to remain socially distant at all times. Although family members who live in the same home can be near one another, they do need to be careful around others. This may prevent people from engaging in some Halloween activities that require closeness, such as hayrides.

Should I Attend a Halloween Party?

In New Jersey, gatherings should be less than 25 people. However, some professionals say that going to any party involves too much risk while positive COVID-19 cases remain steady or on the rise. Consequently, some people are opting for virtual gatherings instead.

Stay Home When Sick

Anyone who feels sick should stay home on Halloween. Common COVID-19 symptoms mimic those of other diseases, including fever, dry cough, running nose, headache, aches, fatigue, and general discomfort. It is always best to be cautious rather than potentially exposing others to the virus.

Exercise Regular Cautionary Measures

In addition to pandemic safety rules, anyone who celebrates Halloween should remember some basic precautions. These include always wearing light-colored clothing, dressing for changeable weather, and carrying flashlights for trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating.

Car drivers should watch out for pedestrians. Car accidents and pedestrian accidents tend to increase around holiday events. Additionally, homeowners should make sure their houses are safe for trick-or-treaters. It is important to safely maintain a property in order to prevent slip and fall injuries. If an accident does occur, a victim may be able to pursue a personal injury claim with the help from a lawyer.

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