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Holiday Truck Accidents

Egg Harbor Township personal injury lawyers fight for truck accident victims.For anyone traveling on roads and highways during the holidays, it is easy to see constant examples of unsafe driving. The pressures of getting the right gift, getting to your destination on time, and running errands are bad enough. When combined with bad weather and other factors, like intoxicated driving, it all leads to more accidents than other times of the year.

Commercial truck drivers can feel extraordinary pressure throughout the holiday season. There are increased numbers of them on the roads, delivering more products and holiday goods than ever before. Shoppers save time by buying online, but as a result, the roads become more congested. Truck drivers need to meet delivery deadlines and can end up working more hours. This can lead to more stress, less sleep, and a lack of focus while driving.

Risk Factors for Truck Accidents

Driving during the holidays is not for the faint of heart, and any trucker that gets behind the wheel should be prepared for the unexpected. This is where experience comes into play. Although all truck drivers should be thoroughly trained, it is especially important because of the increased risks. Some trucking companies may end up putting untrained drivers in their vehicles because they are short staffed. This could be a truck accident waiting to happen.

Driver fatigue also contributes to a large percentage of accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulations for driving time limits with specified rest periods. These are not always adhered to since some companies may offer their drivers incentives such as extra cash to break these rules. Another factor is speeding. Some drivers may have difficulty meeting heavy delivery schedules or may be constantly stuck in traffic. They could try to make up for lost time by driving at unsafe speeds. Bad weather can make this an especially dangerous situation.

Safety Precautions

It may not be easy, but all holiday drivers need to stay focused when on the road.  Besides paying attention to surroundings and driving safely, drivers must be even more alert when a commercial truck is in the vicinity. The easiest thing to remember is to keep a safe distance, and to keep out of the trucks’ blind spots.  It is also essential to stay on the lookout for hazardous driving. If a truck is seen speeding, swerving, veering in and out of lanes, or displaying other signs of erratic driving, it should be avoided. If possible, the police should be contacted.

The pressure of holiday driving can make stressed-out and fatigued drivers become very impatient, which can lead to aggressive driving. This too causes many truck accidents, so trying to stay tolerant and driving slower can make the roads much safer. Truckers are not the only drivers that need to rest, though.  Every driver should take care to eat properly and take breaks from driving duties during the holidays. Frequent rest stops are important for everyone sharing the road.

Egg Harbor Township Personal Injury Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Fight for Truck Accident Victims

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