How Many Accidents Does the Average Person Have in a Lifetime?

Even with advances in vehicle safety over the past few decades, car accidents are a common occurrence. Data from the auto insurance industry suggests that the average driver will have a car accident every 18 years, which is approximately about three or four accidents in a lifetime. Auto insurance companies, just like any other business, are focused on making profits. They use complex algorithms and formulas to determine how many accidents they likely will have, and how much they would[…] Read More

What Is Defensive Driving?

The best way for any motorist to protect themselves is to drive defensively. Defensive driving can help cut down on car accidents and injuries. Defensive driving puts the driver in control of their vehicle to mitigate the dangers posed by other drivers. Defensive drivers obey traffic laws and employ the rules and techniques of safe driving. The following are defensive driving tips: Slow down. A speeding car is hard to control. Speeding also reduces reaction time. Always buckle up. While[…] Read More

What Are the Biggest Distractions for Drivers?

The leading cause of car accidents and truck accidents in New Jersey is distracted driving. When drivers take their eyes and their attention from the road ahead of them, the likelihood of a serious accident increases significantly. For example, 2,841 people were killed by distracted driving nationwide in 2018. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that nearly nine percent of all accident fatalities are caused by distracted driving. The New Jersey State Police Department Fatal Accident Investigation Unit[…] Read More