Construction Site Safety

Construction is a high-pressure industry, with employees and administrators dealing with constant deadlines and tight budgets. These factors along with on-site hazards, such as scaffolding, power tools, electrical problems, and bad weather, led to over 5,100 worker deaths in 2017. Construction insiders may be familiar with the Fatal Four, which are the top causes for private sector construction worker fatalities. Reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, these include: Falls Being struck by an object Electrocutions Caught in/between accidents Every[…] Read More

Types of Construction Accidents in Warmer Weather

The construction industry is the third most dangerous profession in the United States, claiming close to 800 lives each year and resulting in thousands of serious injuries. Changes in the weather from spring to summer bring even more safety concerns to these workers. The risk of serious injury for construction workers increases as the warmer weather arrives. As temperatures rise between May and September, so do the number of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. The most common types[…] Read More

National Work Zone Awareness Week

As we approach National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW), which takes place from April 8 to 12, we bring our attention to the millions of workers who tend to emergencies, repair our highways and infrastructure, and enforce the law on roadways throughout the country. These men and women are not only exposed to the elements, but they are also at the mercy of drivers operating vehicles around them. Efforts among a dozen different agencies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety[…] Read More