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Poor Sleep Leads to Injury at Construction Sites

Atlantic City construction accident lawyers knows that poor sleep leads to injury at construction sites.Recent studies indicate there is a direct connection between a poor night’s sleep and an increased risk of being injured at work. For workers in the construction industry, fatigue-induced accidents can be especially dangerous. Workers who suffer from lack of quality sleep can experience inattention and memory lapses placing their safety at risk. Without proper restorative sleep, individuals often show signs of cognitive failure, including poor decision-making skills, slower reaction times, an inability to deal with workplace stressors, and impaired motor skills. Lack of good sleep has been directly linked to the failure of using proper personal protective equipment, including safety googles, as tired workers often forget to take standard safety precautions.

A decrease in motor skills can be especially dangerous for construction workers who often work at heights on scaffolding or ladders demanding strong balancing skills. Impaired depth perception, slower hand-eye coordination, and processing delays can lead to more fall accidents, one of the leading causes of construction site deaths. Fatigue-related construction accidents also occur when workers fall asleep when operating heavy construction machinery, including cranes, forklifts, or large trucks.

Physical Effects of Fatigue

Lack of quality sleep can have devastating physical effects on the body.  Health problems including digestive issues, depression, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, cancer, sleep disorders, and obesity have been linked to lack of proper sleep. Many chronic conditions, such as epilepsy or diabetes, worsen when an individual regularly experiences fatigue. For construction workers engaged in demanding physical labor, the physical effects of fatigue can be a significant safety hazard.

Fatigue Management

Safety advocacy groups emphasize the importance of fatigue management to prevent sleep-related accidents at work sites. Workers are encouraged to develop healthy sleep habits, including adhering to a sleep schedule; avoiding substances that can infer with a quality sleep, such as alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine; limiting daytime sleeping; and limiting electronic screen time before sleep. Construction site managers should be properly trained to notice the signs of worker fatigue.

Outside Pressure

Many construction companies hire outside engineering firms, architects, designers, or project managers to supervise their construction workers. When these parties place undue pressure on fatigued workers to complete a job or stay late, they may face liability when a construction accident occurs. Demanding work schedules, including extended workdays and irregular shifts, are a leading cause of worker fatigue. By filing a civil lawsuit against these parties, an injured worker can receive compensation to help pay for the expenses related to medical treatment, prescription drug costs, and lost wages. To determine if you have a claim against a third party based on your construction site injury, consult with an experienced construction accident lawyer today.

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