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Slip and Falls on Construction Sites

Atlantic City construction accident lawyers fight for slip and fall victims on sites.  Slip and fall accidents make up most construction worker injuries, resulting in 50 percent more missed days of work than any other injury. There are many factors that can lead to a slip and fall, and the injuries caused range from minor to life threatening. If you or someone you know was injured in a slip and fall accident on the job, you may be eligible for compensation. Workplace accidents are usually caused by dangerous work site conditions. Slip and falls can be due to slipping and falling on a slick surface or falling off a ladder or scaffolding.

Work site conditions that may cause slip and fall accidents include:

  • Obstructions: Obstructions can include cables and power cords, debris, portable equipment, and materials. Obstructions in walking surfaces, such as potholes, uneven surfaces, and cracks also have the potential to cause injuries.
  • Environmental conditions: Rain, snow, and ice have the potential to cause serious injuries for construction workers.
  • Failing to communicate: Co-workers and employers who fail to communicate with each other regarding changing conditions within the worksite can lead to workplace accidents.

Injuries Caused by Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents may cause the following injuries:

  • Broken bones in the face, legs, arms, or shoulders
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Soft tissue strains and contusions
  • Severe cuts and lacerations
  • Death in severe cases

Preventing Workplace Accidents

Although workplace accidents are common, you can prevent them by keeping the following in mind:

  • Always keep passageways in good condition and keep them clear of obstructions.
  • Holes or openings that can lead to a fall must have covers or railings that can prevent trips and falls.
  • Employees should never carry loads that block their view.
  • Stairs and ladders should be inspected regularly to check for damage. If damage is found, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  • Never use metal ladders near electrical equipment.
  • When using scaffolding higher than 10 feet, guardrails, mid-rails, and toe boards must be used.
  • Never use damaged or weakened scaffolding.
  • Avoid using scaffolding in hazardous weather conditions.
  • Employees should always be aware of sharp objects and uneven ground.
  • If an open-sided floor is six feet off the ground, it must have railings on the open sides.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident on the job, documenting the accident is very important. You should seek medical attention as soon as possible and file an accident report with your employer. It is up to you to take pictures of the accident scene, as well as your injuries. Getting statements from witnesses is also important. You should keep track of any lost wages from being out of work from your injuries.

Atlantic City Construction Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Represent Employees Injured on the Job

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