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What Happens if You Are in a Car Accident With an Uninsured Driver?

Our Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at D'Amato Law Firm Are Experienced With Uninsured Driver Cases

Being involved in a car accident is stressful, but the situation can become even more complicated if the other driver is uninsured. In such cases, understanding your rights and options becomes crucial, as it can significantly impact how you navigate the accident’s aftermath. From dealing with medical expenses to handling property damage and legal implications, the scenario of being in a collision with an uninsured driver raises a host of important considerations that individuals should be aware of.

With a standard policy, your insurer might pay when the damages were caused by a party who did not possess liability insurance at the time of the crash. Your policy might also cover someone who had enough coverage but denied your claim. Standard policies can also provide coverage for underinsured drivers.

Basic auto insurance policies do not provide this coverage. The minimum limit for this coverage is $5,000, but you pay extra for that. Higher limits are available, but uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage limits are never more than your specified liability coverage limits.

Insurance in New Jersey

Your insurance provider would typically pay expenses incurred in your car crash. If your injuries are minor, the allegedly liable party’s lack of insurance will not matter. Your own coverage should compensate you for your medical bills and other losses. However, serious car accidents with significant injuries and property damage change the stakes. If the other driver is uninsured, you might file a lawsuit to collect fair compensation. That only applies when claimants suffer considerable injuries with correspondingly high medical bills.  Examples include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Loss of a fetus
  • Significant, permanent injuries, scarring, disfigurement, or loss of a bodily function
  • Temporary or permanent disabilities

Are There Other Options for Compensation?

There may be other options to cover your expenses after an accident with an uninsured driver, but only if you choose additional coverage on your policy.

Collision coverage is not required in New Jersey but can be added for an extra cost. It can kick in when an at-fault driver is uninsured, if it is a hit-and-run accident, or if you are at fault. The compensation only applies to property damage; medical damages are excluded.

Personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments (MedPay) coverage can be used to pay medical bills after collisions with uninsured drivers. Most of the time, you need not wait until the treatment is finished before making your claim.

You should contact your insurance provider after an accident with an uninsured driver – they can explain your policy in detail. If you are considering filing a lawsuit against the driver, consult a car accident lawyer who can advise you.

Our Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at D’Amato Law Firm Are Experienced With Uninsured Driver Cases

If you were injured in a car accident caused by an uninsured driver, our skilled Atlantic City car accident lawyers at D’Amato Law Firm can discuss your legal options during a free consultation. To learn more, complete our online form or call 609-926-3300. Located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, we serve clients in South Jersey, including Atlantic City, Linwood, Galloway Township, Cape May, Vineland, Millville, Bridgeton, Ocean City, and Woodbury.