Winter Weather Driving Tips

Winter is the season for serious car accidents due to frequent inclement weather and ice-covered roadways. Many car crashes occur because drivers do not know how to properly prepare or operate their vehicles in dangerous winter conditions. During a heavy snowstorm, it is best to stay home unless you have no alternative. Preparedness It is not unusual for cars to run off the road or become stranded during bad winter weather. Prepare for this possibility by keeping an emergency kit[…] Read More

What Is a Waving Accident?

Drivers often want to wave to other motorists on the road to communicate directions. However, waving a driver into a lane of traffic can lead to serious problems and car accidents. Though waving might seem perfectly reasonable, it puts all motorists on the road at risk. Why Is Waving Risky? Waving may seem understandable and friendly, but it has major detriments. In New Jersey, drivers who wave to their fellow motorists may be held partially responsible for any accidents that[…] Read More

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophe is defined as an event that causes sudden and significant damage and suffering. Catastrophic injuries are severe injuries that often occur in car accidents. Common injuries can be considered regular injuries, like if someone falls of a bike and fractures their arm. Common injuries heal with rest, and victims can shortly return to normal activities. Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries can permanently alter a victim’s life. Causes and Results One can never plan for a catastrophic injury, but certain scenarios[…] Read More