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How Do I Determine the Value of My Car Accident Claim?

Even minor car accidents can cause injuries and vehicular damage. The damage might be relatively superficial, but it can also be more severe. Drivers looking to receive compensation for property damage and injuries may not know the value of their claim. Many expenses may not be obvious at first but should be included on a claim, so drivers can recover what they need.

Insurance adjusters typically use a multiplier to estimate non-damages. The multiplier adds up all the economic damages, such as lost wages and medical expenses, and then multiplies the total by a number up to five. For example, if all the economic expenses totaled $20,000 and the multiplier was two, the non-economic damages would amount to $40,000.

By adding together the economic and non-economic, damages, a driver should have a decent idea of how much to request on an insurance claim. However, claims adjusters may try to say that an injured driver was responsible for the accident. This is why working with a car accident lawyer can be a huge asset. A lawyer knows what to expect from insurance adjusters. A lawyer can also help determine the value of a car accident while understanding state law. Below are some helpful tips on how to determine the value of a car accident claim with the help from a lawyer.

Medical Treatment Costs

Anyone who has received medical attention after a crash should document costs associated with treatment. These fees include doctor appointments, emergency room treatments, diagnostic tests, surgical procedures, and lab work. Even if the driver’s own health insurance covers all or some of the treatment expenses, the motorist should know the full amount.

Injured drivers should also work with a physician to determine if they will need future medical care, such as physical therapy sessions, additional surgeries, home health care aide visits, and assistive equipment. In serious cases, a victim might also need to retrofit a home or apartment for wheelchair accessibility.

Lost Wages

It may be difficult for an injured driver or passenger to go back to work immediately after a car wreck. Any lost wages should be added together. These may include expected tips and bonuses. Employers can provide letters to substantiate any lost earnings.

A driver who has suffered injuries too widespread to return to the same line of work may estimate future lost earnings. It can be difficult to know how to calculate this item, but a car accident lawyer can help.

Property Damages

Any money a driver pays to restore a damaged vehicle can file an insurance claim. The key is to document each bill amount with invoices or estimates from an auto technician or a dealership. Insurance adjusters will want to make sure that any damages were from the crash and did not pre-date the incident. A lawyer can help establish the right value amount.

Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Know How to Determine the True Value of a Crash

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