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What Should I Know About Tree-Related Car Accidents?

Sometimes, weather events can cause unexpected accidents to happen. A fallen tree can cause a car accident, which is more common than you might realize. Trees can cause massive damage and even injuries and fatalities. Our roads and highways are normally lined with trees, so if one tree falls a certain way, it can cause drivers to suddenly stop or swerve.

What Causes Trees to Fall?

There are several reasons that can cause trees to fall. Often, it is because of lack of maintenance, strong winds, failure to monitor or treat a disease, and improper planting. Trees are normally the responsibility of the state or a property owner, and many questions will arise if a tree falls onto your car or home.

Who Covers Tree-Related Damages?

Depending on the situation, an insurance company will most likely take care of damages caused by a fallen tree. However, there are a certain situations to consider.

If a tree falls on your house, your homeowner’s insurance policy will most likely cover the repairs, regardless if the tree that fell was on your property or from your neighbor’s property. Likewise, if a tree on your property fell onto a neighbor’s house, your neighbor’s homeowner policy would take over.

One of the more common scenarios is when a tree falls on a car. If this occurs, it is the vehicle owner’s insurance company that will cover the damages, but only through comprehensive coverage. For example, if a tree falls on your car, you will contact your car insurance company. If you opted for the comprehensive coverage, you pay your deductible and your insurance will cover the rest of the damages. Comprehensive coverage in an auto insurance policy covers situations that are not collision-related, like hail or flood damage.

This is also the case if a fallen tree causes a car accident. Most of the time, comprehensive coverage will cover these damages.

Another scenario is if you hit a fallen tree on the road, which would be covered under your collision insurance. It is always a driver’s responsibility to maintain control of his or her vehicle; however, in the case of an unavoidable fallen object, your collision coverage will take over.

Who is Liable in Tree-Related Accidents?

What if your situation involves a third-party? In this matter, it may be quite difficult to determine liability. You would have to factor in all conditions that would cause a tree to fall and prove that the responsible person was negligent for the accident. You may also need to prove that the person was aware that the tree was a danger to others. For these situations, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer that will protect your rights.

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