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What do Parents Need to Know About Teen Drivers and Car Accidents?

Unfortunately, the road can be a dangerous place. This is especially true for teen drivers. Youth, inexperience, and questionable decision-making are a combination that can often lead to disastrous results for these young drivers. Statistically, car accidents account for nearly 1.25 million deaths in the United States annually, with millions more becoming injured or disabled as a result. These numbers may be frightening, but what is important is to remember both the risks and the actions to take to promote roadway safety.

Parents obviously want their teen drivers to be safe on the road. If a young driver is involved in an accident, an experienced car accident lawyer should be contacted for assistance.

Parents’ Responsibility for Teens’ Safe Driving

Parents hold a great deal of responsibility when it comes to their children. When a teenager obtains their driver’s license, it is a time of newfound freedom as well as new responsibility. This can be difficult for parents. In some ways, they are sending their children out into the world as adults, and yet they are still their parents’ responsibility. It is the nature of a parent to feel responsible for the safety of their children. Additionally, parents could hold legal responsibility when it comes to issues such as fines and damages after a teen driver is involved in an accident. It is best to have a solid understanding of state and local law and to ensure that the driver is properly prepared before getting behind the wheel.

Risks of Distracted Driving Among Teen Drivers

Teens are more than twice as likely to be involved in car accidents than older drivers. There are many reasons for this, including immaturity and inexperience; however, one of the biggest factors is distracted driving. Distracted driving refers to any situation in which the driver is focused on something other than the road. Mostly, people tend to think of distracted driving in terms of texting and driving. It could, however, include talking on the phone or to passengers in the vehicle, reading, eating, and other behaviors. Teens are significantly more likely to be involved in accidents involving distracted driving. According to statistics from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), teenagers are much more likely to engage in a variety of risky driving behavior. The numbers show that 34 percent of teens aged 16 and 17 admit that they send and respond to text messages while driving, nearly half of teens admit to talking on cell phones while driving, and many admit to driving after consuming alcohol.

Underage Drinking and Its Impact on Teen Drivers

Drunk driving is a serious issue. Underage drinking is a problem on its own. When the two combine, the results can be deadly. The statistics on teenage drinking and driving should be of concern to all parents. The following are some important facts from a recent study:

  • Approximately 25 percent of fatal teen car accidents involve underage drinking and driving.
  • Twenty-seven percent of the young male drivers involved in fatal accidents had been drinking at the time of the accident. For female drivers, on average, the number was 15 percent.
  • It was reported that 33 percent of drivers ages 15 to 20 who died in car accidents had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .01 or higher, and 28 percent had a BAC of .08 or higher.

Having a full understanding of the statistics and the risks is important. Beyond this, it is imperative that parents take the time to work with their teens to learn safe driving practices and to be confident and comfortable behind the wheel. It is a good idea to review safety plans, monitor and address risky behavior, and be prepared for what to do in the event of an accident.

Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Help Those Affected by Car Accidents

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