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What If My Primary Doctor Will Not See Me After a Car Accident?

After being injured in a car accident, most victims either go straight to the emergency room or call their doctors after a few days. While emergency room personnel will treat wounds sustained in a crash, they will recommend follow-up care with a physician. Therefore, no matter which route a victim takes, they will eventually have to contact a doctor’s office. However, many car collision victims in New Jersey are surprised when their family doctors and primary care physicians deny them an appointment.

Reasons Doctors Refuse to See Car Accident Victims

Most doctors are not set up to bill auto insurance providers to satisfy the personal injury protection (PIP) that every New Jersey driver is required to maintain. They are set up to bill health insurance companies, which are likely to refuse to pay for care for car crash injuries. This means the physician will have to work with the auto insurance provider, wait for a potential settlement, or demand payment in full upfront.

Primary care physicians are not always equipped to deal with injuries commonly seen in car accidents. They tend to stay away from making determinations about whiplash or bulging discs. In those cases, they may suggest that patients head right to a specialist’s office. This is not what a car accident victim wants to hear, because waiting for a specialist can be difficult.

Family doctors often hesitate to get involved in any kind of litigious situation. They would rather risk losing a long-term patient than be asked to get involved in a personal injury lawsuit. Some doctors might have had bad experiences with car accident lawsuits in the past, leading them to simply say no to patients who call.

Options for Injured Victims

Car accident victims can still get treated, but they will have to take a different route. They may want to start by calling their auto insurance or health insurance providers and ask for recommendations or even physician referrals. Insurance providers have experience with these matters and may be able to give solid advice.

Patients can also take it upon themselves to contact specialists or doctors. This will potentially cost money out-of-pocket, but the patient will receive the care they deserve. Some doctors may even be willing to wait for financial compensation pending a personal injury settlement.

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