Hazards of Summer Driving

Atlantic City car accident lawyers discuss the hazards of summer driving. Summer is a time for sunny days, beach trips, and barbecues. However, the summer season tends to bring dangerous driving hazards. The following are common summer driving hazards and ways to avoid them.

Roadway Construction

There are various driving hazards that drivers should be aware of, however, roadway construction is the most common. Roadway construction tends to occur during the summer months, leading to excess traffic. An influx in traffic often leads to road rage, distracted driving, and higher risks of injuries or fatalities, affecting both drivers and highway construction workers. To avoid injuries and fatalities, drivers are encouraged to avoid driving through work zones, if possible, stay patient, and keep a safe distance.

Overheated Cars

Although summer weather tends to be enjoyable, excessive heat can lead to vehicular damage, dehydration, and fatalities. When vehicles are exposed to high temperatures, the engine can overheat. This may be further exacerbated using air conditioning. To avoid this, drivers are encouraged to frequently monitor the radiator, coolant levels, cooling fan, and thermostat.

Similarly, excess heat can lead to adverse bodily reactions, including dehydration. To battle the heat, drivers should always have a bottle of water on hand. Drivers should also roll the windows down or turn on the air conditioning. If the hot weather impacts driving, drivers should pull over immediately.

Teen Drivers

For most teens, the beginning of summer marks the end of school. Summer jobs, events, and parties indicate an influx of teenagers on the road. Statistically, teen drivers tend to make poor driving decisions, including distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding. To avoid a car accident, drivers are encouraged to practice defensive driving. For those with teen children, it is important to initiate a conversation about safe driving practices.

Bicycles and Motorcycles

When the weather gets warm, people tend to spend more time outside. This includes those who enjoy riding bicycles or motorcycles. Drivers need to exercise caution because it is easy for cyclists to be hidden from view in one’s blind spot. Being aware of the presence of cyclists is crucial. Drivers should keep a safe distance, stay alert when changing lanes, and practice caution when turning in an intersection.

Tire Blowouts

Hot weather can lead to vehicular damage, including tire blowouts. The high temperatures lead to an expansion of air in vehicle tires. Similarly, underinflated tires tend to experience more friction, leading them to overheat. To combat this, drivers should examine their tires on a regular basis, especially on high temperature days.

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