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Why Should a Driver Never Tailgate?

There are numerous explanations why car accidents occur. One of the most avoidable reasons is tailgating, which is where one driver follows another too closely. It is a dangerous driving habit that can easily lead to an accident. Some motorists do not even realize they are tailgating, or they do not understand that it is extremely dangerous.

Tailgating happens frequently and can cause serious harm to victims. In fact, tailgating is responsible for almost one-third of all car accidents in the United States. It is important to understand why tailgating happens and how it can be prevented.

Why is Tailgating so Dangerous?

Tailgating is hazardous because it significantly diminishes a driver’s reaction time. Tailgating does not allow a driver to perform any emergency maneuvers, which can cause a collision. Most cars require more than four or more seconds to go from 60 miles per hour to a complete stop. Heavy and large trucks need much more time.

When a driver tailgates, they have reduced vision and cannot clearly see ahead. The slower driver may need to perform an emergency stop to avoid hitting something on the road. The tailgating driver could accidentally hit the other driver, resulting in a rear-end collision.

Why Does Tailgating Happen?

Tailgating derives from a few reasons, all of which are preventable. It is possible that the driver is impatient and wants to cut time. However, studies have shown that an extra ten miles per hour hardly decreases travel time.

Tailgating is irresponsible and does not benefit anyone. Tailgating another driver can make motorists frustrated, distracted, nervous, and may cause serious crashes.

Can Tailgating be Prevented?

Motorists must always practice safe driving habits. Tailgating is a bad habit most drivers take on after feeling more comfortable behind the wheel. To prevent tailgating from happening, drivers should always maintain at least 10 feet from the vehicle in front of them for every 10 miles per hour. For instance, a driver travelling at 50 miles per hour should keep 50 feet between them and the car in front.

Another recommendation is the two-second rule. The driver behind should stay two seconds behind another motorist and three seconds behind in inclement weather. To be safe, it is even recommended to use the four-second rule instead.

Tailgating is preventable, and all drivers should practice safe driving. If one is in a collision because of tailgating, it is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will help with a personal injury claim.

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