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What Are Driving Safety Tips on St. Patrick’s Day?

Each March 17, millions of people around the nation celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Often, their get-togethers include drinking alcoholic beverages such as green beer and specialty cocktails. This puts partygoers at higher risk of getting caught drinking while intoxicated (DWI) or of causing an avoidable car accident.   To protect yourself and those around you this St. Patrick’s Day, keep the following safe driving suggestions in mind.   Avoid Driving if You Have Been Drinking   Perhaps the best way[…] Read More

What are Labor Day Safety Tips?

As summer wanes, people want to make the most of the time they have left of the season. This Labor Day weekend, plenty of Americans will spend time with family and friends or making good on the outdoor projects they meant to do all summer. With so much activity likely, this holiday weekend will probably see its fair share of accidents and personal injury. The steps below can make sure the weekend is accident-free, allowing everyone to stay safe and[…] Read More

What Should Drivers Know About Daylight Saving Time?

There are a variety of factors that can impact driving safety and create additional hazards. Some of the common ones are winter weather, drunk driving, and distracted driving. However, when daylight saving time (DST) begins, there are some increased risks for drivers and pedestrians that are important to know about. DST is intended to maximize the usable hours of sunlight by moving the clock ahead an hour during spring when the sun sets later in the evening. For example, a[…] Read More