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What are Labor Day Safety Tips?

Labor Day Safety Tips

As summer wanes, people want to make the most of the time they have left of the season. This Labor Day weekend, plenty of Americans will spend time with family and friends or making good on the outdoor projects they meant to do all summer. With so much activity likely, this holiday weekend will probably see its fair share of accidents and personal injury. The steps below can make sure the weekend is accident-free, allowing everyone to stay safe and enjoy the last blast of summer.

Water Safety

Swimming and boating are two popular summer pastimes that come with safety risks, especially for young children. Youngsters should never be left alone near a pool or other body of water. No one should swim or go out on a boat alone.

Being Aware of the Heat

Extreme temperatures can cause dangerous illness when people are not careful. Those spending time outdoors should hydrate by drinking water throughout the day. Avoid being out in the sun for extended periods. Use sunscreen to protect delicate skin from sunburn.

Cooking Safely Outdoors

Cooking up some burgers and hot dogs on an outdoor grill is an integral part of summer celebrations. Of course, using an apparatus that contains an open fire comes with inherent danger. It is important to set up the grilling area away from children and pets. Also, be conscious of safe cooking methods to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Fireworks Safety

Summer holidays in the United States are just not the same without fireworks. However, everyone must understand the dangers involved in using pyrotechnics. Serious accidents can happen if people handle fireworks without paying proper attention to safety.

Home Improvement Projects

For those weekenders who choose to use their holiday to do a household project, it is important to take the time necessary to be safe. Make sure ladders are stable on the ground before climbing the rungs; enlisting a partner to hold it steady can add another layer of safety. Be careful of noxious fumes from paints, chemical solvents, or other substances. Be careful with electric saws and other power tools.

Road Dangers

Motorists must be careful driving over Labor Day weekend. With so many people out and about, the roads are likely to be busier and therefore more prone to accidents. Bikers and other road users should also be extra cautious.

Drinking Responsibly

For many, a holiday weekend is the perfect time to enjoy an adult beverage or two. Those drinking should keep moderation in mind to avoid overdoing it and creating a dangerous situation. It should go without saying that using power tools or operating a motor vehicle should never be mixed with alcohol.

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