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Why Do Car Accidents Increase in the Fall Months?

Fall Car Accidents

Every year with the change of seasons from summer to fall in South Jersey, there is an increase in car accidents. There are solid reasons for this happening. We all need to be careful and drive defensively when we are on the roads and highways of New Jersey. This need certainly increases once the weather gets colder and wetter. If you understand why car accidents happen more often in the fall, you can modify your driving habits to protect against potential dangers when the seasons change.

Main Reasons for Car Accidents in the Fall

  • More rain. As summer ends and the colder fall weather begins, there is usually more rain. The increased rain makes roads more slick and slippery. In some instances, the rain can be torrential, causing localized flooding on streets that can be a danger to drivers thinking they can drive through flooded streets.
  • More leaves. Along with more rain, there are more leaves on the roads. Piles and globs of wet leaves on the roads can make a very slippery surface, causing vehicles to lose control and crash. Wet leaves on roadways are a particular danger to motorcycle riders. Similar to wet cut grass on roadways during the summer, wet leaves during the fall are a major cause of motorcycles skidding and causing serious injuries to their riders.
  • More fog. No matter what time of the year, driving in fog can be dangerous. But during the fall, there is generally more fog in the chilly mornings and cool evenings. Many drivers go too fast while driving in fog, not giving themselves enough time to stop if something jumps out in front of them. Often, drivers will turn on their high beams, actually making it harder to see. Always use your low beams when driving through fog. There is less reflection of the light back at you.
  • More wildlife. There are many parts of New Jersey that have hunting seasons beginning during the fall months. With more people in the woods, there will be more animals that are moving around and crossing roads and highways. This is especially the case with deer. There are locations in South Jersey with large deer populations, creating havoc on some roadways, especially in the morning or evening hours.
  • More sun glare. Although morning sunrises and evening sunsets are usually beautiful in the fall, they can create more glare while driving. Owing to the tilt of the Earth, there is more glare from the sun, causing drivers to not be able to see well enough.
  • More frost. Drivers in South Jersey should always be aware of when the first frost hits the region. Early morning frost on the roads can create a dangerous environment for vehicles losing control and sliding off the road or into other cars. Drivers must change their speed and control accordingly if there is frost on the roads.
  • Less light. With the changing of the seasons and the changing of the clocks, it will get darker earlier in the day. Some people, especially older drivers, have difficulty driving at night because of the glare from other vehicle headlights and the glare off street signs. If you have an issue with driving at night, you must be cognizant of when it gets dark once the seasons change.

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