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Autonomous Car Product Liability Issues

Atlantic City product liability lawyers fight for victims rights in autonomous car accidents.In a society led by technological advances, it is not surprising that the next step in driving technology is set to be autonomous cars. While having cars do the work for us eliminates a lot of potential for human error, it adds liability into the mix. Nothing in life is without flaws, and self-driving cars are no different. However, with the car controlling its own driving, who is held responsible should something go wrong?

According to the National Safety Council, in 2017, approximately 40,100 people were fatally injured in motor vehicle accidents in the United States. As distracted driving continues to rise, road fatalities are trending higher as well, despite state-of-the-art vehicle technology.

Decrease in Possibility for Human Error

With human error accounting for more than 90 percent of crashes, self-driving vehicles will prove productive for eliminating crashes due to text messaging or speeding. By taking out room for human error, any issues that should arise will now have to be looked at from a component viewpoint, demanding that manufacturers and suppliers take responsibility.

The Need for a Federal Regulatory Solution

Such a shock to our legal system will not work itself out overnight. With at least 51 different systems of law for each state, as well as the federal level, this new shift in liability will necessitate a federal regulatory solution that would preempt state law, so that that all manufacturers are held to the same standards and requirements. Case law on defects related to self-driving vehicles currently stands at a bare minimum. All that there is to go on are existing testing and the small amount of accidents that have already occurred.

Software Programs and Security to Have a Big Impact Going Forward

One of the biggest changes between today’s cars and driver-less vehicles is the software programs on which these autonomous cars will operate. Software defects, inadequate pattern recognition, collision avoidance algorithms, and data security all weigh on the nature of how liability will be constructed. According to a 2015 Wired article, a Jeep was hacked into while in traffic on the highway and remotely shut off. Though the Jeep in that situation was not a self-driving vehicle, the same concerns arise. With software controlling more operation of our vehicles, hacking may come with that.

Atlantic City Product Liability Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Help Those Who Have Been Injured Due to Product Liability

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