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Sharing the Road with Snow Plows

Atlantic City personal injury lawyers help victims injured in all types of car accidents.The winter can be a dangerous time to drive with the seasonal occurrence of snow, which can quickly turn to ice. Luckily, with the help of snow plows, the removal of snow can help maintain the safety of the roads. However, the addition of snow plows on the road can lead to entirely new safety concerns. The following are safety tips for drivers sharing the road with a snow plow.

  • Share the road. Allow the snowplow enough room to safely operate. Snow plows are large vehicles that may often make it difficult for their drivers to see. They can also take up more than one lane, which is extremely important to keep in mind when you are following a snow plow, or if a snow plow is coming from the opposite way toward you on an undivided road.
  • Stay behind the snow plow on the road. The snow plow is doing a very important job by clearing the snow. By staying behind the snow plow at a safe distance, there is a decreased chance of getting hit by spraying snow and salt that blocks your view.
  • Drive at a safe speed. This is vital for any weather condition. However, if there are snow plows on the road, it is because the weather is less than optimal for driving safely.
  • Turn on head and tail lights. During episodes of heavy rain or snow, regardless of the time of day, it is important to remember to put your lights on for visibility.
  • Use winter-rated snow tires. Winter-rated snow tires will be safer in the snow.
  • Stay on the right side of the road. Pull as far over to the right as is safe when a snow plow is approaching from the opposite direction on an undivided highway. Snow plows are large vehicles and may travel in groups, needing the most optimal space available.

There are also driving habits to refrain from when you are driving near a snow plow on the road. Assuming that the operator of the snow plow can see you, as well as passing or tailgating a snow plow, can cause potential accidents. It is important to keep in mind that snow plows that are spreading salt and pushing snow must travel at a lower rate of speed than regular traffic. Snow plows will also stop at railroad crossings to ensure that it is safe to cross.

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