Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Fog

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Driving in heavy fog can be dangerous because it greatly limits your ability to see the road or other vehicles. When foggy conditions are particularly bad, it is best to stay off the road, but that might not always be an option.

The National Weather Service reports that fog is a contributing factor in numerous car accidents every year. If you live near a large body of water or in an area with hills or mountains, you might encounter fog regularly. Even if you do not live in these areas, fog can still happen. Whether you encounter foggy conditions, the following tips could help you stay safe on the road.

Increase Following Distance

Whenever you are driving in foggy conditions, you need to slow down and increase your following distance when there are vehicles directly ahead. Increasing your following distance to about four car lengths gives you more time to react when a vehicle in front of you slows down are comes to a stop. Slowing down will help you see other vehicles and stop safely.

Use Your Defroster and Wiper Blades

Using your wiper blades and defroster can help keep the windshield clear of moisture. That will help you see better and prevent a blinding glare from other vehicles’ headlights.

Do Not Use Cruise Control

You should not use cruise control due to the difficulty in seeing the roadway and other vehicles. Cruise control makes it easier to drive too closely to vehicles that are ahead of you, which makes it more difficult to stop safely. You should stay focused and adjust your speed as needed.

Use Fog Lights or Low Beams

You can make your vehicle easier to see when you use fog lights or low beams. Do not use high beams because the fog reflects the lights back at you. High beams also might blind or disorient oncoming motorists.

Watch the Reflectors

The lights from oncoming vehicles and your vehicle can make it hard to see the center line. Instead of trying to focus on the center line and possibly getting blinded by the lights of an oncoming vehicle, you are better off watching the outside white stripe that separates the lane from the shoulder.

If you are driving on a road that has the sides marked, you can see the white stripe better than the center line when visibility is poor. Many roads also have reflectors for the center line and the right side that help you stay in your lane.

Put On Hazards

You want to make sure that you can stop safely in foggy conditions, and you should put on your hazards. You should pay attention to the distance between the back of your vehicle and one that might be following you so that you can warn the other driver when you slow down or stop.

Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Can Help You

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