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What are Some Tips for a Safe Halloween?

Halloween Safety

As a holiday, Halloween is second in popularity behind Christmas in the United States. On Halloween, over 36 million children will go trick-or-treating at 110 million households. Whether the youngsters go door-to-door or attend parties, safety for the trick-or-treaters is a subject for parents, households, and drivers and is of upmost importance. Adults have the responsibility of taking steps on Halloween so that personal injury and car accidents can be avoided.

Halloween Safety Tips for Everyone

Halloween safety tips are for more than trick-or-treaters. Children are not small people. They do not have the maturity of adults. They are kids having fun.

For parents. Costumes can be creative and fun, but they should be safe. Look for possible choking risks from closures or chords around the neck, and for tripping risks from dragging costumes. Masks should not obscure a child’s vision. Fabrics should not be flammable or otherwise dangerous.

Before they go out, your child should be reminded not to open any treat until they get home and do so with you or an adult. Have them carry a bag to collect treats and not encumber them as they walk. If it gets dark, make sure they have a flashlight.

Coordinate the trick-or-treating with parents of other children going together. If you are not accompanying your child yourself, arrange for a chaperone and remind your child to mind the chaperone, especially when crossing streets.

Children trick-or-treating in a group should stay together from stop to stop.

Children get excited at Halloween. Tell them to try to contain themselves while out and about and suggest having a treat for them when they get home if they behave themselves.

It is important to set a schedule, including homes to visit and a time to turn around and head home. Following behind at a discreet distance allows parents to observe the fun at hand and monitor safety.

For householders. Your expected visitors will be young, numerous, and dedicated to collecting their treats. Try not to have tripping hazards as youngsters come to your door. Illuminate the path and doorway. If you have a Halloween set-up in front of your house, have an adult outside to keep everyone safe, especially if there is any form or suggestion of interactivity.

Treats should be individually wrapped, preferably by the manufacturer. The days of candied applies or homemade treats have been spoiled by reports of hidden dangers to children. Do not be insulted if trick-or-treaters only want these wrapped items.

Have enough treats handy to meet any demand. If a child has a UNICEF container, you can give a small donation.

If you have a pet, the commotion of the day may affect them. Be careful to avoid any unintended interaction between a trick-or-treater and your pet.

For drivers. There will be more children everywhere on Halloween, especially in the afternoon and evening in residential areas. They may not all stay on the sidewalk or cross only at the crosswalks. Drive slowly and be alert for any child on the street at any time. If a child wanders into the street, try not to express anger to the chaperone or parent. This is a special holiday for youngsters.

Plan to Have the Safest Halloween Possible

Halloween presents any number of interactions involving the children, strange households, and vehicles in the neighborhood. Try as you might, you cannot foresee all potential hazards. However, some commonsense steps can keep the youngsters as safe as possible.

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