How Safe Are Convertible Cars?

The convertible is a classic automotive design. The convertible reached a high level of popularity during the 1950s and well into the 1970s. Most automakers include convertible options for many popular models, but their use has lessened greatly in recent years.

Many motorists generally view convertibles as being more dangerous than traditional cars because of the lack of a solid overhead structure. Yet, studies show that there is not a higher death rate in convertible car accidents. Although death rates are not higher in convertible car accidents, having a roof is still safer.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), convertibles are just as safe as traditional cars. Many convertibles also contain structural components that help make them safer in rollover accidents. A lot of carmakers include roll bars that help create a safe space for passengers if the car rolls or flips upside down during an accident. There is usually one in the back, and the windshield might have another that is more concealed. Although harder to see, the front roll bar helps keep the windshield intact while providing passengers with enough room.

What Are the Dangers of Convertible Cars?

The lack of a roof is an obvious danger. There are no roof airbags or side curtain airbags to help cushion the potential impact of a car accident. If passengers do not wear their seat belts, that increases the risk of injury as well. It is important for drivers to insist their passengers wear seat belts.

Another potential danger is the performance capability of many convertibles. Sports cars tend to have convertible models much more than sedans or convertibles. A sports car with a soft top that you can lower or a hard top that you can remove might increase the risk of being ejected or a vehicle rolling over at a high rate of speed. Whenever driving with the top down, it is critical to drive safely and obey the speed limit.

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