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What Happens if the Police Do Not Respond to My Car Accident?

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A car accident is a stressful situation for anyone, and that means it is important to remain calm. As always, law enforcement strongly recommends that anyone who has gotten into an accident should call the police regardless of the severity of the situation. Sometimes drivers may believe that if there is no damage or injury, they do not need to report the accident, but that is not always the case. There is always a risk of something happening later or the other driver deciding to report it and not inform you. Reporting a car accident is always a safe and logical practice.

What Should I Do after a Car Accident?

The first priority should always be safety for yourself and then address others around you. When speaking with the other driver, it is vital to collect all their information. You should be taking note of their name, address, insurance, policy number, phone number, and license plate number. It is beneficial to take photos of their license and insurance cards so that you can reference them later if needed. As the driver, you should also gather your own evidence, taking photos and videos of the street signs where the accident occurred and of the accident scene. Another piece of evidence that will be vital in a police report or insurance claim is the condition of yourself and your vehicle if injured or damaged. If there are any witnesses to the accident, a statement and contact information from them is extremely useful as well.

Why Would Law Enforcement Not Respond to an Accident?

In some cases, it may be a standard policy of that police department to not respond to a minor accident. Law enforcement suggests that both parties exchange information if there is property damage. Some states have advised their police departments to view minor car accidents and fender-benders as low-priority calls, so they are not to respond. This is because many police departments are understaffed and have limited response units to attend to every minor call in the event a high-priority call comes in.

Who Takes Care of the Police Report?

After an accident has happened and all the evidence is gathered, you can go to the police department in the town in which the accident occurred and file a report. This is an important step on the driver’s part to ensure that the correct information is recorded and filed. This is because police reports play an essential role in insurance claims. A police report contains all insurance information, witness information, diagram of the accident, and any notes that are critical to that specific accident. The contents that reside in these police reports are the sole basis of how your insurance claim will be reviewed and filed. Drivers should know that insurance companies will handle the claim even if the police do not show up to the scene of the accident.

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