How Do I Obtain a Copy of a Police Report After a Car Accident?

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You need to do several things following a car accident, especially if it was not your fault and you or your passengers were injured. Perhaps one of the more crucial pieces of information you need to obtain is the police report.

Under New Jersey law, any driver involved in a car accident must report the accident to law enforcement if the accident caused any injury or death or exceeded more than $500 in property damage. Generally, following an accident, you can do this by calling 911 and having the police come to the scene. The responding officer will then fill out a crash report. If they do not fill out a report, you must do so by contacting the nearest police department or state police within 10 days of the accident.

If you want to receive compensation for your damages, you will need a copy of this police report. You may use it for your records, insurance company, and any lawsuit should you pursue an accident case.

To obtain a copy of the police report, you can:

  • Go to the police department: You can request a copy of the police report in person at the police department in the municipality where your accident occurred.
  • Mail a request: You can obtain a certified accident report to you through mail or fax after completing a request form and mailing or faxing the form. There is usually a fee to cover administrative costs.
  • Request a copy online: If the accident occurred on a non-toll road, you could find an uncertified copy of the police report online for $13, which you would pay by credit or debit card. Generally, you will be asked to provide the case number, license plate number, driver’s last name, or other related information. For an accident on a roll road, like the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway, you can purchase the report online or contact the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. You would call the Atlantic City Expressway Authority if the accident occurred on the Atlantic City Expressway.

The accident report will typically be available within five days of the crash.

What Is in a Police Report?

The responding police officer fills out the police crash report to the scene of the accident, possibly containing vital information such as:

  • The description of the accident scene.
  • The conditions of the road and weather.
  • Names, addresses, contact, and insurance information of the drivers involved.
  • The cause of the accident.
  • Any traffic violations that may have been committed.
  • Whether a driver was distracted during the accident, particularly by cell phone use.
  • If any drivers or passengers were injured or killed.
  • Witness information and their accounts.

New Jersey is a no-fault insurance state. This means that you will report your accident to your own insurance company, and they will typically cover your damages, regardless of whether or not you caused the accident. Supplying them with a copy of the police report is usually necessary when making an insurance claim.

However, some accidents are so severe that damages may exceed insurance policy limits. Obtaining the police report is essential in this scenario, as you and your accident lawyer could use it to build a personal injury case.

Egg Harbor Township Car Accident Lawyers at D’Amato Law Firm Help Injured Clients File a Car Accident Lawsuit

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