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Motorcycle Safety Awareness

The warm spring weather initiates motorcyclists to traverse the roadways. For this reason, it is important that all motorists and pedestrians spread awareness about motorcycle safety to prevent motorcycle accidents that are often deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2018, 4,985 motorcyclists were killed, which is a five percent decrease from previous years. The NHTSA also states that motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in an accident compared to other motorists. Therefore, it is crucial to abide by the rules of the road. In support of spreading awareness, all drivers can practice safety tips to help avert more injuries and fatalities.

Safety Tips for Drivers

Since most motorcycle fatalities happen because of negligent drivers, it is crucial that drivers always practice safe driving on the road. Some important safety tips for drivers include the following:

  • Share the road: Although the roadways are mostly filled with cars and trucks, motorcyclists have the same rights and must follow the same rules as other drivers.
  • Be aware of surroundings: As always, keep your focus on the road. Other drivers or motorcyclists may act recklessly, but it is your duty to drive as safely as possible to prevent injuries or even death.
  • Give other motorists plenty of room: If you see a motorcyclist, give them plenty of room. Providing a safe distance will give you and the motorist more time to react if there are unexpected problems.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Like other drivers, motorcyclists must abide by the rules of the road and drive safely. Some helpful tips that motorcyclists can follow include:

  • Driving defensively: Motorcyclists are harder to see on the road in comparison to other drivers. Practicing defensive driving will help prevent a dangerous accident. It is important that motorcyclists do not weave in and out of traffic or drive carelessly.
  • Wearing the proper gear: Wearing the right helmet, padding, gloves, and boots will protect motorcyclists from being seriously injured if an accident does occur.
  • Having the proper license: Laws for a license vary by state. Those looking to purchase a bike should research their state’s laws and complete the necessary testing. Going through the license preparation will inform motorcyclists of road rules and other guidelines they must follow.
  • Practicing riding: Before entering highways and other high-traffic areas, practicing driving a bike in a controlled area can be useful. This will help motorcyclists become familiar with their bike.
  • Going to safety courses: Going to classes that teach motorcycle safety can be helpful. This will help motorcyclists become better prepared.
  • Always being drug and alcohol free: Impaired driving kills many people every year. Twenty-eight percent of motorcycle accidents happen because the driver is under the influence. Do not drive impaired under any circumstances.
  • Following the rules of the road: All motorists must follow rules in place. It is also important to adapt to weather conditions.

Sometimes, an accident is inevitable due to negligent behavior exhibited by another driver. If a motorcyclist is injured in an accident, it is beneficial to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.

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