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Merging Accidents

Atlantic City car accident lawyers help merging accident victims.Anyone who has driven long enough has experienced merging onto a roadway. With many passing vehicles traveling at various speeds, and one vehicle trying to enter the path, merging accidents occur on a regular basis. However, this type of vehicle accident is complicated when determining who was at fault. Many people who have been hurt in a merging accident obtain representation from a personal injury attorney.

Reasons for Merging Accidents

Merging accidents happen at different traffic flow junctures. When a vehicle is merging into already moving traffic from an on-ramp, the goal is for the vehicle to smoothly mesh with the flow pattern of traffic. To accomplish this objective, the driver must carefully judge the distance and speed of oncoming traffic, entering at just the right moment to avoid a collision. Another type of merging accident is when a vehicle is crossing lanes. Again, the driver wants to move to a different lane and must assess the drivers next and behind the vehicle, as well as those in front.

Determining Fault After Merging Accidents

In many situations, the driver who hits another vehicle while merging is determined to be at-fault. Yet, this is not always the circumstance. For instance, if someone merges into traffic and is rear-ended by a driver who was originally far behind but sped up or lost control, the merging driver would not be at fault for the collision. The same holds true for a driver who merges into the center lane of a three-lane highway and is hit by another driver who also merged into the center lane without using a turn signal to indicate intentions.

It is up to the insurance carriers to determine fault in most merging accidents. The more documentation drivers can collect from witness statements and in highway or nearby videos, the easier it is to prove fault. A car accident lawyer may still be retained to ensure the victim receives the highest settlement amount possible. Insurance companies will often try to pay as little as possible, even if individuals have been hurt as a result of the incident.

Common Merging Accident Injuries

As in the case of other types of car accidents, merging accidents can lead to a host of physical injuries. Some of the most commonly reported include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, bruises, neck injuries, and lacerations. Depending upon the severity of the injury, medical bills and lost wages could easily skyrocket.

Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Help Merging Accident Victims

If you have been injured while merging, contact an Atlantic City car accident lawyer at the D’Amato Law Firm. We represent individuals hurt in vehicle crashes, including merging accidents. Call us today at 609-926-3300 or contact us online for a free consultation. Located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, we serve clients from Atlantic City and throughout South Jersey.