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When is a Lawyer Required After a Car Accident?

Whether a car accident leaves a driver with minor abrasions or life-altering injuries, it is perfectly understandable for the motorist to have numerous questions. An experienced lawyer can assist a car accident victim with all of their concerns.

Should I Contact a Lawyer if I am Seriously Injured?

Suffering a severe injury because of a car accident can lead to several different scenarios, all of which require the help of a skilled lawyer. Most likely, a serious injury will alter the life of the affected driver, which will change their ability to work and afford medical costs. A lawyer will help a victim get compensation. Legal guidance should be acquired, regardless of who is believed to be at fault. A lawyer will determine who is at fault for the accident and protect their client’s rights.

A catastrophic or serious injury also means high medical costs, and those costs could easily overwhelm the terms of an insurance policy, leaving the victim to pay the bills. This applies to future treatment and rehabilitation as well, as some insurance policies may not cover these expenses. The financial stress of medical costs can be eased with the help of a lawyer. A lawyer can seek further compensation for the victim.

There is also a scenario where the victim does seek medical treatment, but does not recover or improve. This could cause issues with insurance companies who may find issues with continued payments. A lawyer could protect the rights of the injured party and help them with any further litigation.

What Should I Do if I Cannot Work?

A severe injury can also lead to lost wages. If an injured victim is unable to work after a car accident, a lawyer can help. Not only would a lawyer look over all the details and seek out compensation for the victim’s lost wages, but they could also offer guidance and advice while protecting the victim’s rights.

What if My Insurance Does Not Cover the Expenses?

There is also the possibility of an insurance company not providing coverage for lost wages or medical costs. A lawyer can help with this situation, especially if the insurance company contacts the victim first. This is extremely important if the insurance company denies a claim. Only a lawyer can help a victim prepare for a trial.

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Collision?

There are also a few other scenarios to consider. Even a minor car accident may require the need of a lawyer, depending on the circumstances and injuries. More than likely, suffering from a car accident will leave the victim with many questions. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist the victim with their case.

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