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Halloween Safety

Atlantic City personal injury lawyers advocate for Halloween safety. For many of us, Halloween is not just one day. It is a full season of bonfires, glowing pumpkins, and finding that perfect costume. However, this Halloween, plan to protect yourself and your family from costume mishaps, distracted drivers, and slip and falls.

Costume Flammability

In a well-known product liability case against Johnson & Johnson, a woman created a costume out of cotton balls for her husband. Later that evening, the husband lit a cigarette, and the costume went up in flames. Although the family’s lawsuit against the manufacturer was unsuccessful, it illustrates the point that Halloween costumes are often created from household objects or other substandard fabrics not intended for clothing.

For those planning to make their own costume this year, avoid using untreated natural fibers such as toilet paper, cotton balls, and linens. When hunting for that perfect costume on a store shelf, it is important to look for costumes made of 100 percent synthetic fiber polyester, nylon, or other acrylic materials. Although these fabrics are not flame retardant, they take a significantly longer amount of time to ignite.

To further reduce the risks associated with costume flammability on Halloween, consider one of the following three fire department approved tips:

  • Look for inherently fire-retardant fabrics manufactured with Trevira and Avora
  • Purchase flame retardant spray available in fabric stores and online
  • Soak costume in a mixture of warm water, boric acid, and borax

One night of fun is not worth risking your safety or that of other family members. Although a skilled Atlantic City product liability lawyer can determine if a costume manufacturer is ultimately responsible, a lawsuit cannot erase serious physical injuries.

Visibility at Night

It is fun to dress up as something dark and spooky, but when walking through the streets on Halloween night, plan to carry a flashlight and use one or more of the following items to increase visibility for passing cars:

  • Glow bracelets or necklaces
  • Glow in the dark candy baskets or bags
  • Handheld glow sticks

Not only is it important for trick-or-treaters and their families to been seen by vehicles, those partaking in Halloween festivities need to be able to see where they are going. Neighborhood homes have staircases, Halloween decorations, and other tripping hazards. Do not leave it up to the homeowner to provide a well-lit, hazard free environment.

Reduce the risk of a slip and fall accident by checking your child’s mask for proper visibility, and keep in mind that a tight fitting mask may reduce peripheral vison.  Additionally, capes, costume pants, and dresses should be checked ahead of time for proper length, and all bulky or loose costume parts should be secured.

Atlantic City Personal Injury Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Advocate for Halloween Safety

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