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Halloween Safety Tips

South Jersey personal injury lawyers advocate for victims injured on Halloween and offer safety tips.Halloween is just around the corner with children and adults eagerly preparing for trick or treating and celebrations. Unfortunately, many celebrations will become tragic when slip and falls and pedestrian accidents cause serious injury. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers safety tips aimed at keeping children and adults safe on Halloween.

  • Keep overeating to a minimum by having a healthy dinner before Halloween festivities begin.
  • Buy healthy snack alternatives for trick or treaters and party guests.
  • Hem costumes to an appropriate level above the top of the shoe to ensure safe travels.
  • Arm children with flashlights and put reflective tape on costumes and treat bags so they are visible at night.
  • Young children should be accompanied by a responsible adult to help navigate walkways and cross streets safely.
  • Make sure masks do not cover the eyes and that the wearer can see clearly in front of them and peripherally.
  • Test makeup before application to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Avoid accessories with sharp points or long handles.
  • Make sure children know their full address and phone number in case they become separated from their group.
  • Remind children to never enter a home for a treat. If they are invited inside, practice saying no and exiting the property immediately.
  • Report any suspicious activity to an adult or law enforcement official.

Prepare a Safe Home for Your Guests

It is vital to take safety precautions before heading out to a Halloween party or for trick-or-treating, but it is also important to prepare a safe home for guests that will visit.

  • Remove all debris, hoses, and decorations from walkways and stairways to prevent slip and falls.
  • Replace burnt out lightbulbs on porches and add lighting to stairs and walkways.
  • Always restrain pets. Animals can become frightened costumes and may be provoked to defend themselves, even if they have never shown aggression before.
  • Avoid allowing children to carve out pumpkins. Allow them to draw their design with a marker and have an adult carve out the design.
  • Reduce the risk of fire and burn injuries by using electronic candles, glow sticks, and flashlights instead of burning candles. Never leave a burning candle or decoration with hot lights unattended.
  • Remove wet leaves from sidewalks and stairways to prevent falls from slippery surfaces.

Halloween is a great opportunity for communities to interact and have fun, but it can also be dangerous. Emergency rooms and first responders report high traffic on Halloween when children and adults suffer cuts and lacerations, head and back injuries from falls, or by encountering cars trying to maneuver through busy streets at night  Dog bites are also common when pets become overstressed and protective. Keeping a close eye on young children and preparing a safe home can ensure that everyone has a safe Halloween.

South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Advocate for Victims Injured on Halloween

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