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Fall Safe Driving Tips

South Jersey personal injury lawyers help protect their clients with fall safe driving tips.Fall brings cooler temperatures and vivid color, but it also brings dangerous road conditions that can lead to serious and sometimes fatal accidents. Changes in daylight savings time, early morning sunrise and sunsets, and increased traffic flow raise the risk for auto accidents. Being aware of these dangers can help keep drivers, pedestrians, and school children safe.

As school children head back to class and the adult work world returns to a more rigid schedule following summer vacations, the risk for car accidents increases significantly. The most common fall driving hazards include:

  • School Traffic: School buses, parents driving children to school, new teenage drivers, and pedestrian traffic put many children and adults at risk for traffic accidents.
  • Inclement Weather and Fog: Fluctuations in temperatures and dampness in the fall can lead to increased rain and fog, making roads slick and visibility low. Oil on the road mixed with rain make for slippery surfaces that can lead to head-on and rear-end collisions.
  • Falling Leaves: The vibrant colors of autumn can be spectacular, but when these leaves fall from the trees onto highways and roadways, they can create slippery road surfaces. Car accidents can occur when cars and trucks hit a patch of wet leaves and slide out of control.
  • Sun Glare: Sun glare is a dangerous condition that blinds a driver for a few seconds. In just that brief amount of time, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and near misses can wreak havoc on the roadway.
  • Deer Crossings: When a deer suddenly appears in the road, drivers often swerve to avoid hitting them, which can lead to serious car accidents. Hitting a deer can also cause significant injury and damage.

Ways to Prevent Fall Car Accidents

Knowing what hazards exist in the fall can help drivers prevent car accidents and reduce the number of serious injuries that occur. Tips include:

  • Obey local speed laws and traffic signs and signals
  • Keep one car length between you and the car in front of you for every 10 miles per hour you are traveling to avoid rear-end collisions
  • Use low beam headlights when driving through fog
  • Clear frost from front and back windshields before traveling
  • Slow down if you encounter sun glare until your eyes adjust to the light conditions
  • Keep inside and outside windshields clean for best visibility
  • Be on the lookout for wildlife in the early morning and evening hours
  • Maintain tire pressure and replace tires when treads are worn
  • Always obey school bus signals, including coming to a complete stop when the red lights are flashing
  • Maintain low speeds in school zones
  • Yield to pedestrians in areas around school zones
  • Be careful to keep a safe distance from pedestrians and bicyclists traveling on the roadway
  • Come to a complete stop and be sure to look before proceeding through a stop sign within a school zone

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