What Should I Do if I am Experiencing Headaches After a Car Crash?

Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Advocate for Clients Who Have Accident-Related Head Injuries and Headaches.

After a car accident, an individual may experience headaches. A headache after a car accident, also referred to as a post-traumatic headache, is caused by the trauma of a motor vehicle collision. A headache may appear immediately after an accident. Still, it can be common to experience a delayed onset post-traumatic headache in the hours or days after the incident.

Many reasons exist for getting a headache after a car accident. The most common reason is direct trauma, such as an impact or whiplash of the head or neck. People who suffer from chronic headaches, migraines, or other head pain before the car accident may experience headaches that have increased in severity, frequency, and duration.

Headaches may also be the result of neck pain radiating to the head. The root causes of a headache following a car accident may vary, but all instances of head pain should be evaluated and treated immediately by a doctor.

Visit a Doctor After a Car Wreck

It would help if you visited your doctor when you started to notice symptoms of a headache that does not seem like a normal one. It can be complicated to distinguish if the headache directly resulted from a car crash, especially if you are prone to headaches or migraines. These headaches may affect you for days or weeks after a car accident, so it is always best to get checked out by a medical professional.

These injury cases are complex. Insurance companies do not always pay out, and it is tough to determine the value of these injury cases. An attorney can help you navigate your case.

Making a Claim

It would be best if you did not hesitate to get an insurance claim because an injury can significantly affect your quality of life. Head injuries that cause chronic migraines change people’s lives drastically.

Jury Verdict Research found that the average settlement for headache-related injuries is more than $33,000. This is small when you compare it to the average national personal injury award of nearly $800,000.

Getting a settlement or compensation will depend on a few factors. Your age, the nature of your head injury, your insurance, and the testimony of a trusted medical professional will all come into play.

Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Advocate for Clients Who Have Accident-Related Head Injuries and Headaches

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