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How can Children be Safe Riding School Buses?

School Bus Accidents

One of the most important jobs in our society is the school bus driver. We entrust our children with these people and hope and pray that they do their jobs and use their training to get our youngsters to school and home again safely. For the most part, this is almost always the case. However, unfortunately, every year there are car accidents involving a school bus where children are hurt. No matter how safe we make the buses and no matter how many laws we enact involving school bus safety, there will always be the chance of a school bus accident. This discussion points out certain safety procedures and statistics relating to school bus safety.

School Buses are Safe if the Rules of the Road are Followed

Even though accidents sometimes occur, school buses are safe for students. Accident statistics indicate that school buses are 70 times safer for children getting to school rather than being transported by a private vehicle. There are certain rules that bus drivers and students should follow when getting on and off the bus, as well as while riding the bus. Here are some rules for students to follow:

  • Be early at the bus stop so there is no rushing on the bus or darting across the street to catch the bus on time.
  • As the bus approaches the bus stop, keep back from the curb about six feet.
  • Before trying to get on the bus, make sure it is stopped, the door is open, and the bus driver gives the students an indication that it is safe to get on.
  • Do not walk into the bus driver’s blind spots and keep visible to the bus driver at all times. If the student has to walk in front of the bus, do so about 10 feet in front so the bus driver can see the student.
  • While riding the bus, if seat belts are available, use them. Always remain buckled, especially when the bus is moving.
  • When the school bus is moving, always stay in the seat and do not distract the driver with loud noises or moving around the compartment.
  • Keep inside the window, and do not put anything outside the window such as hands, arms, or heads.
  • Keep the center aisle clear of debris, garbage, and book bags just in case there has to be an emergency exit out the back of the bus.
  • Wait for the bus to stop before standing up and walking to the door to exit.
  • Make sure no backpacks or clothing get caught in the door when it closes after the student leaves. There have been instances of students being caught in the door and dragged as the bus starts to move.
  • If the student has to cross in front of the bus and across the opposite lane to get home, make sure to wait until the bus driver gives the student the all-clear sign to cross the street.
  • Do not go behind the bus where the driver cannot see the student.

Bus Driver Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips for bus drivers to follow so that everyone gets home safely:

  • Do not drive too fast for the conditions of the road. Always drive the speed limit, but if the road conditions require it, drive slower if the roads are slick with rain, sleet, or snow.
  • Always be aware of the bus driver’s blind spots and possibly having children walking through those blind spots.
  • Always double-look when backing up or backing out of a driveway or garage.
  • Be careful around bus stops where children will congregate and sometimes will play around, potentially running into the street and in front of the approaching bus.

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