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Somers Point Woman Dies in Pleasantville Crash

A 31-year old Somers Point woman died in a single-vehicle accident early Tuesday morning, police reported.According to the report, the woman was headed north on Main Street in Pleasantville and veered off the road, then hit a retention wall and a telephone pole, near the intersection of Utah Street, around 6:30 a.m.She died at the scene. The crash remains under investigation. Anyone with information regarding the crash is asked to call the Pleasantville Police Department at 609-641-6100. Those who lose[…] Read More

Lindenwold Man Killed in Brigantine Crash

A 54-year old Lindenwold man was loading a van Saturday in the beach town of Brigantine when he was hit by a car. He died from the injuries. The victim was loading a van parked on Brigantine Boulevard, a divided road with two lanes on each side, that connects the barrier island of Brigantine with Atlantic City. Officials did not announce charges in the accident and the case is under investigation. Anyone with information on the fatal car accident is[…] Read More

Prevent Accidental Poisonings

Most adults are aware of common household substances that pose a risk to younger children. Still, every year, too many children are injured or die from poisons found in their own homes that were not secured or were used improperly. Education about poisonous substances is vital for parents and children. Anyone who has a home that is visited by children or who works in areas that children can access should be aware of these poisons. Children are curious by nature,[…] Read More