What Is Contributory Negligence?

Most car accident events are stressful and complicated, so it is best to get the assistance of a legal professional. Sometimes, both parties are accountable for the cause of the collision. Under those circumstances, the legal concept of contributory negligence comes into play. Contributory negligence means that the victim who suffered physical injury or personal property loss due to the accident may not be totally without fault, like if the victim was speeding and then was hit by another driver.[…] Read More

Children and Dog Bites

An article published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery revealed that 313 patients, including 183 children, had suffered at least one dog bite that required emergency medical treatment. The most common injured area was the central target area, which is comprised of the cheeks, nose, and lips; eye injuries include the inner and outer corners of the eye, eyelids, eyebrows, eye sockets, and tear duct systems. Injuries in Children It was also found that children are more at risk for[…] Read More

Winter Weather Driving Tips

Winter is the season for serious car accidents due to frequent inclement weather and ice-covered roadways. Many car crashes occur because drivers do not know how to properly prepare or operate their vehicles in dangerous winter conditions. During a heavy snowstorm, it is best to stay home unless you have no alternative. Preparedness It is not unusual for cars to run off the road or become stranded during bad winter weather. Prepare for this possibility by keeping an emergency kit[…] Read More