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Construction Safety Tips for Cold Weather

The cold weather does not keep many construction workers from doing their job, even when the temperature dips into the single digits and snow begins to fall. Working outdoors in winter weather comes with unique risks that require specific safety precautions to prevent serious weather-related injuries and fatalities. Winter weather creates a host of potential safety hazards at the construction site. Some of those include: Disabled vehicles: Construction vehicles that are not properly maintained and weather-proofed can malfunction or break[…] Read More

Construction is a Dangerous Business

Construction workers face real risks every day when they are on job sites. Some can even be fatal. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately one out of every five fatal injures experienced in workplaces happen to construction workers. Companies that employ these individuals share a responsibility with the workers to be aware of these hazards and take steps to prevent them. OSHA reports that three out of five fatal construction injuries are caused by falls, electrocution,[…] Read More