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How Does Car Maintenance Prevent Accidents?

An Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyer at D'Amato Law Firm Can Provide Legal Assistance After a Crash

Car maintenance prevents future problems; consistent maintenance can prevent accidents. Regular checkups help identify potential issues before they become bigger; for example, a mechanic might see a worn-out part or leak needing attention. Regular tire maintenance, like checking the pressure, prevents blowouts that can cause severe crashes. Routine brake inspections are key to safe driving because we rely on our brakes to stop our vehicles.

Brake and tire problems are the leading causes of accidents caused by poor maintenance but are not the only ones. Steering and suspension problems can cause drivers to lose control. Broken headlights and taillights are also hazardous, decreasing a driver’s visibility and making it hard for others to see them. Windshield wipers are also critical; when they are not working, that can affect visibility.

The biggest risk of not maintaining a vehicle is an accident that results in property damage or injuries. Neglecting car maintenance risks your safety and the safety of other drivers and passengers. It can also result in expensive repairs when you let a problem go too long without attention. Poorly maintained vehicles do not perform well, with effects like reduced engine power, slower acceleration, and higher fuel consumption. Car owners should maintain their vehicles for many reasons, but what happens when one causes an accident?

Can I Claim That a Driver Is Responsible for Not Maintaining Their Car?

This is sometimes possible because all motor vehicle drivers are responsible for maintaining their cars. This includes:

  • Not taking the car out on the road when it needs repairs.
  • Regular vehicle inspections.
  • Routine maintenance.
  • Taking the vehicle for repairs when necessary.

When drivers do not fulfill this duty and do not use reasonable care to protect the safety of their motor vehicle, they might be held responsible if those actions cause a car accident.

In some cases, negligent repair shops, vehicle parts manufacturers, auto mechanics, and maintenance crews can also be held responsible for equipment breakdowns. These cases can be complicated and involve investigations to determine liability.

An Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyer at D’Amato Law Firm Can Provide Legal Assistance After a Crash

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