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When is a Car Accident Claim Worth the Trouble?

Life after a car accident can be overwhelming. The majority of car accidents are minor, but other collisions can lead to catastrophic injuries and property damage.  Injuries can lead to extensive treatment and lost wages. Also, medical bills and other expenses might not be covered by the insurance company.

If a car accident leads to costly bills and serious injuries, filing a claim is a viable solution. There are several scenarios a car accident victim must consider before proceeding with a claim. The following discusses the process of filing an accident claim and whether doing so is beneficial.

What Should I Consider Before Filing a Claim?

There are certain steps to take following a car accident, one of which is seeking medical treatment. After receiving a diagnosis and treatment plan, it is important to maintain all related records of the injury and accident, including medical bills.  With this information, a victim can better ascertain their financial position. The aftermath of a car accident can be shocking, and most people are not prepared for a collision.

A severe injury often requires a lengthy recovery, which leads to expensive medical bills. An accident victim should contact a knowledgeable lawyer to discuss their situation. After presenting all expenses, including medical bills, the lawyer will advise a client whether filing a claim is advantageous.

What is the Claim Process?

It is important for an accident victim to understand the claim process to decide if it is right for them. The claim must be filed within the statute of limitations. In New Jersey, the victim must file their claim within two years of the accident. If it is filed after the statute of limitations, the case will most likely be dismissed.

The lawyer will determine what compensation the victim needs in order to return to their normal life. Pain and suffering is normally difficult to determine. The lawyer will send a letter to the victim’s insurance company to notify them about their demands.

It is normal for an insurance company to offer a settlement. The insurance company will also look over the case again and reconsider their position, often with an arbitration. The lawyer will help the victim look over the offered settlement and whether it is enough. Almost 90 percent of car accident claims end up in settlement. If it is not settled, then court is the victim’s next option.

It is important to know that any kind of litigation is stressful and time-consuming, which the victim must consider. A victim must also consider court costs and paying their lawyer, but most lawyers do not seek payment until compensation is reached. An experienced lawyer can help a victim make the right and sensible decision.

Atlantic City Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Help Injured Victims Secure Damages

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