What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophe is defined as an event that causes sudden and significant damage and suffering. Catastrophic injuries are severe injuries that often occur in car accidents. Common injuries can be considered regular injuries, like if someone falls of a bike and fractures their arm. Common injuries heal with rest, and victims can shortly return to normal activities. Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries can permanently alter a victim’s life. Causes and Results One can never plan for a catastrophic injury, but certain scenarios[…] Read More

Who is Responsible for Slip & Fall Accidents at Resorts?

If suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident at a resort, the resort may be legally responsible for your injuries. Under the premises liability law, negligent owners who do not adequately maintain their property are liable for personal injuries. Slip and Fall Accident at a Resort Slip and fall accidents are common, especially in hotels or resorts. Guests may become injured in various types of slip and fall accidents, including those caused by: Broken furniture Broken stairs Icy walkways[…] Read More

Premises Liability with Snow and Ice

Living in New Jersey during the winter means dealing with snow and ice. However, frozen precipitation can lead to slick surfaces. For that reason, many people experience slips during the colder months. In the best circumstance, a slip and fall accident can be a nuisance and uncomfortable. Yet, some falls on ice-covered surfaces can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. What action can someone take if they slip on an ice-covered parking lot or slide uncontrollably on an unmaintained[…] Read More