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Can Brake Fluid Leaks Cause Car Accidents?

When the braking system in your car is compromised in any way, it could lead to disastrous consequences. Leaking brake fluid is one major issue that causes reduced or even a complete loss of stopping power. A vehicle’s stopping power is essential to the safety of the driver, their passengers, and others on the road. Without it, the chance of a car accident increases dramatically. Whether it is a car, truck, or SUV, a vehicle’s braking system uses hydraulics. That[…] Read More

What Are Common Car Accident Injuries Seen in Backseat Passengers?

Passengers riding in the back seat risk suffering severe injuries in a car accident. This is because many backseat passengers do not wear seat belts. If you normally travel in the back seat of a car, there are some common injuries to be aware of and why they happen. As with many accidents, the type of injury you suffer depends on many reasons, such as where the impact was felt, how fast the car traveled, and other factors. This is[…] Read More

How Do I Obtain a Copy of a Police Report After a Car Accident?

You need to do several things following a car accident, especially if it was not your fault and you or your passengers were injured. Perhaps one of the more crucial pieces of information you need to obtain is the police report. Under New Jersey law, any driver involved in a car accident must report the accident to law enforcement if the accident caused any injury or death or exceeded more than $500 in property damage. Generally, following an accident, you[…] Read More