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What Should I Do if I Have a Back Injury From a Car Accident?

Egg Harbor Township Car Accident Lawyers at the D'Amato Law Firm Have Experience in Helping People Who Have Accident-Related Back Injuries.

Suffering a back injury caused by a car accident is a common occurrence. A car crash can cause multiple injuries to one’s back, and many can be severe. Even minor fender benders can cause a catastrophic back injury. If another driver’s negligent actions have injured your back, there are steps that you should do after a car accident that will help your case.

Immediately Seek Medical Treatment

If you have back pain after a car crash, the sooner you see a doctor, the better. In many cases, after a car accident, people feel various pains throughout their body, including their back. Sometimes, people will not seek medical treatment for several days because they do not think they are seriously injured; this is a mistake. The sooner you see a doctor, the better because you can determine if you are injured. Immediately seeking medical treatment will help your legal case as well because it proves that you were seriously injured in the accident.

Speak With Witnesses

Get contact information from any witnesses if there are questions about what happened and who was at fault. A lawyer will immediately review their recorded statements.

Collecting this information is essential because it could take a while before a case goes to trial. People’s memories fade over time. If there are written statements from witnesses, they will help your case.

Do Not Give a Recorded Statement

In many cases, before you hire a lawyer, the insurance company may contact you and ask for a recorded statement. Do not agree to do this. Tell them that you want to hire a lawyer first to ensure you do not say anything that might hurt your case.

Speak With a Lawyer

Do not handle a case on your own, especially if you have a severe back injury from a car accident. You have a greater chance of recovering compensation if you have a car accident lawyer representing you. This is crucial if you have a debilitating injury.

Egg Harbor Township Car Accident Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Have Experience in Helping People Who Have Accident-Related Back Injuries

If you have a severe back injury that was caused by a reckless driver, you should seek legal counsel. Speak with one of our Egg Harbor Township car accident lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm today. Call us at 609-926-3300 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, we serve clients across South Jersey, including Atlantic City, Linwood, Galloway Township, Cape May, Vineland, Millville, Bridgeton, Ocean City, and Woodbury.