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Safety Tips for Older Drivers

Senior Drivers

As drivers become older, eventually they face the decision of when they should stop driving. It is a tough question to face for the older driver and their families. Being able to drive allows for people to be autonomous and not have to rely on other people to get around. Giving up that sort of freedom is very difficult. However, most older drivers do not want to put themselves or anyone else into danger on the roads and highways of New Jersey. For drivers of all ages, avoiding a car accident is a priority. There are certain safety tips that older drivers can focus on to continue to drive and be safe at the same time. Here are several driving safety tips to consider:

  • Wear a seat belt: Wearing a seat belt is the easiest and best way to protect yourself if you are involved in a car accident. Without a seat belt, even being involved in minor fender-benders could result in serious personal injury, especially if you hit your head and/or face on the steering wheel or windshield.
  • Put the cell phone away: Distracted driving is dangerous no matter what your age, and the main thing that distracts people nowadays is a smartphone. The best and safest practice is to just keep the phone in your pocket or purse and do not even look at it. No text is more important than your physical safety and the safety of everyone else on the road.
  • Do not drink and drive: This should be a no-brainer. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is always a recipe for disaster. Not only could you kill yourself, your passengers, and others on the road, but also you could get into serious legal trouble and spend some time in jail.
  • If possible, drive during the daylight instead of at night: The reason for this is that as we get older, it becomes harder to see at night, especially with the glare coming from oncoming headlights or the glare coming off road signs. This does not happen to everyone who gets older, but it is common. There are certain types of glare-resistant glasses that you can wear if you must drive at night. Speak to your eye doctor for suggestions on this problem. But restricting your driving to daylight hours as much as possible will be the safest bet.
  • Avoid bad weather: If there is bad weather such as snow, ice, sleet, or heavy rain, try to wait until the roads are clear to begin your trip. As we get older, our reaction times will decrease. If the roads are slippery and an emergency presents itself, older drivers might not be able to stop or react in time.
  • Understand how your medications affect you: One issue that is always a problem with people who take medications is how that pill affects your ability to drive. With some medications, they make you tired or drowsy. Some medications make you dizzy or not able to see clearly. If there are any medications that you take that also affect your ability to drive safely, make sure you consider the timing of taking the medications so that the symptoms have worn off before you get behind the wheel.
  • Consult an expert: If you believe your driving ability might be diminished to the point at which you are putting yourself and others at risk, consult with a driving expert to be evaluated by an objective party. They will be able to test your physical reaction time and decision-making ability as it relates to driving and navigating the roads and highways of South Jersey.

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