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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Atlantic City personal injury lawyers obtain compensation for injured victims.Motorcycle accidents can cause serious and permanent injuries for drivers and their passengers, including broken bones, paralysis, internal bleeding, concussions, and other traumatic brain injuries. Motorcycle collisions are 27 times more likely to result in death than other types of motor vehicle accidents.  By understanding the common causes of motorcycle accidents, drivers can take the steps necessary to prevent becoming another fatality.

Collisions with Cars

Over 40 percent of motorcycle accidents occur when a car makes a left-hand turn and hits a motorcycle going straight through an intersection. Turning cars often have a difficult time seeing the motorcycle due to its smaller size. Even a moment’s distraction can lead to a collision as drivers may not anticipate the maneuvering of a motorcycle on the road. The most dangerous accidents involve head-on collisions between motorcycles and larger motor vehicles. Motorist fatality rates when a motorcycle is hit head-on are as high as 80 percent.


Speeding is a factor in all types of motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving motorcycles. When a motorcyclist attempts to pass traffic at high speeds, the likelihood of an accident dramatically increases. A speeding driver may not have enough reaction time to take a corrective driving action when something comes into their range of vision. Another common speeding problem involves turning a corner at excessive rates of speed which often prevents proper braking when necessary. Common road hazards. including potholes, wet or slick driving surfaces, obstacles on the road, such as dead animals, and uneven road surfaces, become deadly when mixed with high rates of speed.

Other Risky Driving Behaviors

Other motorcycle accidents result when the driver carelessly or dangerously operates their vehicle. Some of the most common risky driving behaviors include:

  • Driving between two lanes
  • Unexpectedly passing other motor vehicles
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Supersport and sport motorcycle racing
  • Failing to wear appropriate safety gear
  • Suddenly stopping after following too closely to another vehicle

When a motorcycle driver engages in these types of risky behaviors, they may be barred from recovering damages when they are hit by a car. Experienced personal injury lawyers can help injured individuals obtain the maximum compensation for their injuries, even in cases where the injured person’s own driving behavior may have contributed to the accident.

Coping with the Aftermath of a Motorcycle Accident

Even the most careful motorcycle drivers face increased accident risks. Injuries from motorcycle accidents can result in significant expenses related to the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation, prescriptions, and physical therapy. By filing a civil suit against negligent parties, injured individuals can recover compensatory damages for lost wages and pain and suffering.

Atlantic City Personal Injury Lawyers at the D’Amato Law Firm Obtain Compensation for Victims Injured in Motorcycle Accidents

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