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How Can I Stay Safe Riding a Bicycle This Summer?

Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bike is a great way to spend time during nice weather. It is a fun way to get outdoors, and it is actually a great form of exercise. More and more people are taking up this activity for both fun and a more environmentally friendly form of travel. It is great that so many people are enjoying bikes; however, there are some potential hazards that can go along with bike riding. The risk of a bicycle accident must be kept in mind. To avoid personal injury, it is a good idea to follow these important safety tips.


Summertime Bike Riding Safety Tips


Make sure to use the right bike. It is important that riders get the proper bike for them. If the bicycle is too big or too small, for example, the rider will have less control.


Ensure that the bicycle is in good shape and working properly. Issues such as improperly functioning brakes or damaged steering components could be very hazardous to the rider or to others.


Utilize protective equipment. Safety items such as bright clothes and reflective gear can be life-saving, especially if riding at night. Most important is a helmet. The most common cause of bicycle accident fatalities is head injury. A properly fitting helmet can reduce risk of head injuries by up to 50 percent. It is vitally important to ensure a proper fit. A helmet that does not correctly fit the rider offers significantly less protection.


Avoid unnecessary distractions from additional items. Personal items should be carried in a backpack, saddlebag, or basket so that the rider’s hands can remain in position to control the bike.


Make sure shoelaces are secure. Loose shoelaces can get caught in the moving parts of the bike, causing an accident and serious injury. It is best for the rider to tie the laces securely and tuck them into their shoes to avoid them making unwanted contact.


Plan the route ahead. Planning is essential to safety in general. Things to be aware of before planning a bike trip include speed limits along the route, weather conditions and forecast, how much traffic there is likely to be at a particular time or in a certain location, and whether there are bike lanes. Paying attention to these factors can make the ride much safer.


Focus on the road when street riding. Sharing the road with motor vehicles can be challenging and dangerous for bike riders. It is extremely important to pay attention to drivers and other bicyclists. A car driver may not see someone on a bike, so a little defensive driving on the part of the bike rider can go a long way.


Obey street markings, signs, and traffic lights. Failure to follow posted rules can easily cause an accident.


Avoid distractions. Headphones, cellphones, and music players are an unnecessary distraction and can take attention off the road. It is best to avoid them while riding.


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