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Families in Crisis

The D’Amato Law Firm is always willing to step in when we are approached by a family that has had something so catastrophic happen in their lives, that it has cost them a loved one or their peace of mind. Sometimes these cases are not the easiest to win, and sometimes they are the first of their kind, but here at the D’Amato Law Firm we believe in advocating and achieving justice for every person that we possibly can.

For instance, one of our recent cases involves a local college bound teenager who was struck by a train late at night. The initial investigation ruled the girl’s death a suicide, however, some key evidence was overlooked, and most importantly the parents, who knew their daughter better than anyone else, know that their daughter would never have committed suicide. In the first case of its kind, the D’Amato Law Firm is working to have the girl’s cause of death changed, for two purposes, finding out the truth, so that if someone else is responsible they may be brought to justice, and most importantly to give the girl’s parents peace of mind in knowing that they did in fact know their daughter better than anyone else. The D’Amato Law Firm’s Facebook post about this case has over 120 shares and has led to new information.

In another such case, the D’Amato Law Firm has began a media campaign to bring awareness to dangerous conditions which are present at the Hereford Inlet Section of the North Wildwood Beach. This issue came to our attention when we were hired by a grieving widow who lost her husband because he was simply walking along the water’s edge and encountered a drop off, fell into the water, and was swept out to sea by the abnormally strong currents. Our dedicated team of investigators has been able to establish that there have been more drowning incidents at this location and that at least one took place in the same exact fashion. It has become apparent that City officials and lifeguards are aware of this dangerous condition but fail to adequately warn of such. The D’Amato Law Firm launched a media campaign with the local media outlets to raise awareness of this dangerous condition in the hopes of preventing more deaths or injuries.


How D’Amato Helps

Our Facebook post has over 120 shares and has led to new information. (See Above)

Our television campaign has led to awareness about the dangerous conditions of this Wildwood Inlet and new signage placed on the beach.

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